How does the whole process work?

1)        Once you’ve sold a job and it needs to be scheduled or if you have a “ready” customer
and they want to schedule right on the spot, you can either....

- Call Rob (480-255-8073) anytime.  
- Fax the order (480- 718-7420) and the customer will usually be called before end of the workday.
- Submit the
order online at

2)        When we call, we tell your customer “this is Rob with (your company)”,  
I basically present myself as your employee.  (This saves a multitude of problems)

3)        It is important that we know the price the customer is paying per sq ft.
I occasionally get a customer that wants to add windows on the spot.  In the event that you
cannot be reached,  I can take care of them with little or no confusion.

4)        When we get to the job site we wear surgical booties, we use drop cloths and clean towels.  we
thoroughly clean the inside of the windows and apply the film to the inside surface.  We clean up after
each and every window and try to work as discretely as possible.

5)        When the job is finished, we carefully explain the warranties to the customer.
We then go over the written care and cleaning instructions and explain the characteristics
of the film and its drying process.  We can also collect the amount due, made out to your company.

Last year I averaged approx. 150-250 windows per week “ on only 3 did I need to go back and replace due to workmanship
and none in the past 28 years due to film failure.

I feel it is important to keep the repairs to a minimum because after a customer gets work done to their home there is about
a 15-day period where they are still excited about the purchase and want to tell their friends.  I understand the importance of
keeping that 15-day period (and beyond) trouble free.
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